About Us - Potters House Christian Fellowship Church

 Our roots

Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM) was founded and is led by Pastor Wayman Mitchell, senior pastor of The Potters House Church Prescott, Arizona since 1970. This local body in Prescott is the mother church of the entire fellowship of churches which go by various names. These include The Door, The Potter's House, Victory Chapel, The Lighthouse, and Living Waters. Since the fellowship began it has followed the basic biblical method of discipleship and church planting found in the book of Acts in the Bible. The fellowship now includes more than 1,400 affiliated congregations worldwide and continues grow.

In December of 1973 Pastor Harold Warner and his young wife Mona were sent from the Prescott church to Tucson's south side to assume the pastorate of an almost defunct Foursquare Gospel Mission on Veteran’s Blvd. Brother Harold and Sister Mona, saved in the Jesus People Movement, were impervious to their humble surroundings and saw only a great opportunity to impact their generation for Christ. As the Warners simply began to preach, serve and evangelize, God honored their labors by bringing in scores of hippies and young people. Since then The Door Christian Fellowship Church (CFC) has become affiliated with more than 1,400 congregations around the world and has been privileged to experience several waves of revival brought about by the workings of God’s Holy Spirit.
In 1987 the Tuscon congregation sent Pastor Paul Stephens and his wife to pioneer a church in South London. After building a strong foundation the Stephens answered the call of God to minister back in the USA and Pastor Marty Carnegie took over the pastorate of the South London Church. Under the leadership of Pastor Carnegie the South London Church witnessed an acceleration of growth with the planting of several churches.
One of these plants was Pastor Peter Ajala into the South West city of Bristol in 1999 to pioneer The Potters House Church - Bristol. Pastor Ajala along with his wife and young child witnessed revival as God grew the church from just three people to over 100 in the space of three years. In 2002 Pastor Peter and his family answered the call of God to minister in the South West African nation of Namibia. Again God moved powerfully as 100s were added to the church. Pastor Ajala is currently the Pastor of The Potters House Fellowship Church - Rotherithe (formerly the South London Church) and a leader within the UK Fellowship. The Rotherithe Church has planted 32 churches including the North Bristol Church.
Clyde Planter was ordained  to succeed Pastor Ajala as the pastor of The Potters House Church - Bristol in 2002. With Pastor Clyde building on the strong foundation layed by Pastor Ajala the Bristol Church entered into a new era as they became a mother church planting churches in Reading, Gloucester, Slough and North Bristol. In February 2011 the North Bristol congregation based in Southmead amalgamated with the Mother church. 

Our Vision

To see as many people as possible experience the love, power and destiny that a true relationship with Jesus Christ brings.

To see lives and communities transformed by the power of God who cares about the real issues that we face in life.

 . . .  Come whoever you are: Old or Young, White or Black,  Asian or Oriental, Rich or Poor, Uneducated or Educated , Married or Single, Single Parent or Not, Criminal record or No Criminal record, Disabled or able-bodied . . . all are welcome

Jesus said: "All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out." John 6:37 (King James Version)